Ceramic Coating Services in Chattanooga

Ceramic Coating

If you've ever wondered how certain cars look so glossy, clean, and pristine, there is a chance those cars are using a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating starts out as a clear liquid. When this nano-ceramic coating is applied to a vehicle and cured, it dries and transforms into a transparent shield. In addition, we double layer our ceramic for added protection on your car, truck or SUV in Chattanooga.

Unmatched Shielding and Protection

As opposed to traditional clear coats, which have a hardness measure between 2H and 4H, A ceramic coating can come in as high as 9H once cured. That means it is highly able to protect your car's original coat of paint.

Damage Prevention for Your Car, Truck or SUV

A ceramic coating can help ward off acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and hard water mineral deposits from permanently damaging your expensive factory paint job. On the off chance that minor scratches or surface staining does occur, they can be more easily polished off without damaging the underlying layer. Additionally, a ceramic coating provides UV protection, meaning your paint will not fade from sun exposure and with proper maintenance your vehicle will stay looking like new

Keep Your Car Looking Great

Especially in a busy city like Chattanooga, it can be difficult to keep a car looking its best. The task becomes easier with Ceramic Pro because ceramic coatings provide a glossy, slick appearance. They also make cars easier to clean. For example, the unfortunate staples of city life--such as bird droppings, dirt, bugs, and other waste--have a much harder time bonding to Ceramic Pro than to a car's base layer of paint. Water can easily remove anything that does attach itself.

Protect your vehicle with our ceramic package.

1 yr ceramic package

Road Film and Bug removal
Professional hand-wash, rinse and dry
Clean door jambs
streak-free Clean exterior glass surfaces
Clean, protect, and dress exterior plastics
Clay Bar (Removes Contaminants From Paint)
isopropyl alcohol Wash
one-step paint refinement to remove light swirls and scratches
2 layers of our nano-ceramic coating
Clean and scrub fender wells
Remove brake dust and Clean wheels
Clean and dress tires
Clean Gas Cap

this package pairs nicely with our premium interior

suv (2 rows)
suv (3 rows)
passenger van
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