Business Fleet Service in Chattanooga

Business Fleet Service

Have multiple vehicles you’d like us to detail?

We’ll detail your entire fleet to help keep it on the road, working for you.
We’ve got the equipment needed to wash and detail any large-size vehicle.

Are you a dealership, vehicle rental agency, trucking company, or a private collector who wants to have all their vehicles looking showroom ready?
Are you responsible for a fleet of cars, vans, trucks, utility, or commercial vehicles?

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When it comes to fleet detailing services, it can be difficult to find the time, the manpower, and the expertise to clean them regularly. Unfortunately, this will cause the vehicles to undergo a great deal of stress and can vastly reduce their overall value. To ensure we can help extend the life of your fleet and keep them in pristine condition, we have tailored our operations to better serve these types of vehicles. We are all ears when it comes to fit your company’s maintenance budget, to save you money in the long run by extending the life of your fleet. Professional. Convenient. Expect nothing less when you request Mayes Auto Detailing to help you with your company fleet’s maintenance needs.

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