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Paint Enhancement & Paint Correction

what is paint enhancement?

Here’s the simple answer: Paint enhancement is a less extreme form of paint correction. When we perform paint enhancement, we are telling the customer what paint imperfections WILL be fixed, and what imperfections WILL NOT be fixed. Paint enhancement is the most common type of correction we do! Why is that? Well, most customers don’t care about the tiny imperfections that they really can’t see anyway, and they are really concerned most with getting that ceramic coating on!

Paint correction of car hood

what is paint correction?

Paint correction is nothing more than more aggressive paint enhancement. Can you see the pattern here? When we are dealing with a vehicle whose paint is REALLY DAMAGED, or a customer who has a detailed eye, we will perform paint correction in order to remove the maximum amount of scratches, swirls, etchings, and paint imperfections as possible. Once again, this is necessary not only for visual appeal, but to create a smooth surface with which the ceramic coating can bond to the paint.

Do I Have To Get Paint Correction To Get A Ceramic Coating?

The simple answer is: Yes & No. Ok… maybe it’s not so simple. We have many customers who understand what paint correction is, and who realize that with it, the ceramic coating will have a longer life span, but they choose not to get any correction done because they want a lower price. While there are situations when paint correction is necessary, there are also situations where it can be optional, and we love talking with our customers about the difference. Even the most surface level of paint enhancement will extend the life of the ceramic coating, create an amazingly beautiful surface, and maximize your dollars spent… so we like to say: “It’s your choice… but we are biased” :)