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Full service Car detailing, paint correction and Ceramic Coatings Installation in

Ooltewah, Tennessee

In Ooltewah, Tennessee, Mayes Auto Detailing is a top-rated mobile detailer. Our enthusiasm for all things automotive drives us to offer the services we do. Our car detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating professionals have a passion for autos as well as the knowledge and experience to give you exceptional service. Allow our friendly staff to take care of all of your car detailing needs while also making you look great. Ceramic Coating has a high gloss surface and a hydrophobic barrier that self-cleans, requiring very little maintenance on your part.

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We are a leader in ceramic coatings and car detailing. In the Red Bank Area, we can come to you to perform the car detailing services you require or you can visit our location to install one of our surface protection solutions. Our focus is to prep and install ceramic coatings and paint correction to make your vehicle look like new again. For interior protection and comfort, Mayes Auto Detailing also offers the latest in interior techniques. We are not a 10 details a day type of detailer, we complete 2-4 per day to ensure we give your vehicle the attention it deserves. At Mayes Auto Detailing we work on more than just cars, wo can detail boats, RVs, motorcycles and more.

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