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Full Circle: The Return of
Mayes Auto Detailing

To our Current and Potential Clients:

The path of a business, much like the road, can have its twists and turns. It's these changes in direction that test our resilience, challenge our brand identity, and ultimately, refine our vision. For a time, Mayes Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coatings embarked on a partnership that led us down a new path — a path that involved a new name: The Embassy Car Care and Protection. This change was born out of a sincere attempt to foster a sense of partnership and shared vision. Yet, in this journey, we learned a vital lesson: the essence of our brand, the core of our identity, resonates most deeply with the name Mayes Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coatings.

Our decision to revert to our original name comes from a place of profound respect for our history and a clear understanding of our future. This decision, significantly influenced by the feedback from our loyal clientele, marks not just a return to a name but a reaffirmation of our brand's heritage and impact. The MAD Face logo and our unwavering slogan, "When clean isn't enough... get MAD!", are not mere symbols of our brand; they are beacons of excellence and commitment in the world of car care.

While the partnership was a step in our journey, it served as a reminder of our roots and the strong brand recognition Mayes Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coatings holds. We've embraced the lessons learned, and as we move forward, we do so with a renewed commitment to the values that have always defined us: unparalleled quality, meticulous attention to detail, and a service range that consistently exceeds expectations.

To our clients, your unwavering support and honest feedback have been the guiding stars through this period of transition. As we re-embrace the name that many of you told us never truly left your hearts, we invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter. The services you've come to trust — from ceramic coatings to paint correction, window tint, and beyond — remain at the core of our offer, enhanced by our renewed dedication to excellence.

Mayes Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coatings is not just a name; it's a promise — a promise of quality, reliability, and passion for cars that goes beyond the conventional. We are thrilled to continue this journey with you, under a name that speaks to our shared history and bright future.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Here's to the road ahead, paved with success and driven by passion.

David Mayes, Owner

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We redefine the standard for detailing services in every category.

Now's the Time to Safeguard Your Vehicle in Chattanooga

At Mayes Auto Detailing in Chattanooga, TN, our mission is to offer unmatched automotive care, prioritizing our services to meet your vehicle's needs precisely. Leading with our premier ceramic coating, we provide the ultimate shield against environmental damages, ensuring your car's paint remains vibrant and protected. Next, our expert window tinting not only enhances privacy but also shields your interior from harmful UV rays. Third in line, our meticulous paint correction service erases imperfections, restoring your vehicle's showroom shine. Lastly, our comprehensive car detailing ensures every corner of your vehicle is immaculate, from the interior fabrics to the exterior finish. Trust in our specialized team to deliver excellence in care, tailored to prioritize the longevity and beauty of your vehicle.

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Chattanooga Car Improvement Experience

With a passion for every service we offer, Mayes Auto Detailing is dedicated to expanding our reach to as many clients as possible in and around Chattanooga, TN. Whether your car requires expert detailing or your home could benefit from our ceramic coating services, we cater to customers from the following locales:

  • Chattanooga
  • Signal Mountain
  • Lookout Mountain
  • East Hamilton
  • Hixson
  • Soddy Daisey
  • Red Bank
  • Northshore
  • Harrison

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Delivering an Unmatched Customer Experience in Car Detailing

At Mayes Auto Detailing, our commitment to superior customer service is the cornerstone of everything we do. Located in Chattanooga, TN, our dedication to meeting our customers' needs has established us as a leader in the car detailing industry. Our philosophy is to treat every vehicle with the highest level of care and precision, as if it were our own. This approach has endeared us to clients seeking more than just a basic detailing service. We appeal to those with a deep appreciation for their vehicles, ensuring every car receives the personal care it deserves.

The Mayes Auto Detailing Personal Touch

In the world of vehicle detailing, Mayes Auto Detailing sets itself apart with unparalleled expertise in servicing a diverse range of vehicles. The team at Mayes Auto Detailing has vast knowledge and experience which enable us to specialize in ceramic coatings, window tinting, and paint protection with unmatched precision. This proficiency ensures every vehicle we touch receives the highest level of care, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to quality and redefining excellence in the detailing industry.

Meanwhile, our team is committed to delivering outstanding customer service right from the start. And we certainly can’t overlook the role of capturing high-end photos of each vehicle as it leaves our facility, a task undertaken with great skill to showcase the quality of our work. Whether it's a comprehensive clean-up after an extensive journey or a detailed enhancement to rejuvenate your paintwork's shine, our dedicated professionals focus on executing each project with precision and excellence.

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