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Professional-Grade Tinting Solutions for Interior Protection
Stay Cool and Stylish with Professional Window Tinting

Are you tired of the sun’s heat and harmful rays beating down on your car, making the inside feel like an oven? For those in Chattanooga, TN, looking for a simple way to keep their car cool and cut down on that blinding glare, window tinting at Mayes Auto Detailing is the answer! Our window tinting doesn’t just make your car look cooler and more modern; it also makes driving in the summer a lot more bearable by keeping the inside of your car cooler. It’s the perfect way to protect your car and improve your driving experience.

Infrared Heat-Blocking Tint // ceramic tint
solar FX ceramic window Tint packages

Choosing for Solar FX ceramic window tint film is a smart choice for drivers in Chattanooga, TN! Improve your vehicle's effectiveness at rejecting ultraviolet light, solar energy, infrared heat, and sun glare with our Ceramic Window Tint Film options. It’s an ideal upgrade for increasing both comfort and protection while driving.

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Front 2 Window Match
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Full Windshield
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traditional Tint Package
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Ceramic Tint
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Mayes Auto Detailing Full window Tint Package

Elevate your vehicle's interior security and shield it from the sun's rays with our Full Tint Window Film package at Mayes Auto Detailing. Choose full coverage on all glass surfaces in your preferred shade to significantly enhance the passenger experience and make every journey more enjoyable!

Full window tint package includes:
  • Full Windshield Tint
  • All Sides Window Tint
  • Rear Window Tint
Wave Goodbye to Glare and Heat with Our Window Tinting Services

Our ceramic window tint film not only enhance your vehicle's visual appeal but also create a barrier against damaging UV rays and the significant infrared heat accumulation from the sun, your car stays cooler longer. Additionally, drivers benefit from an extra level of privacy, no matter where they park.

Select Window Tinting for Every Type of Vehicle at Mayes Auto Detailing

Safeguard your interior and boost your vehicle's value with our exceptional window tinting services. Our team of skilled window tinting professionals are ready to provide a premium experience tailored to your vehicle's requirements and your personal taste. We are committed to outstanding quality in every window tint film application we perform. Our mission is to enhance driving safety and security, beginning with your vehicle. For additional information or to discuss our services further, please click here or dial the number listed below.

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Debunking Common Myths About Vehicle Window Tinting
Myth 1:
Window tinting is a project you can do yourself.

At Mayes Auto Detailing, the high-quality window tint film products we offer are not accessible to the general public, primarily due to the intricate nature of their application. Achieving a flawless window tint finish necessitates a professional's expertise, alongside years of training and experience. Should a beginner undertake this task, the likelihood of the window tinting being ineffective is high.

Myth 2:
Window tinting serves as a total replacement for air conditioning.

While the thought is appealing, it's unfortunately a misconception. Window tinting reduces infrared heat accumulation from the sun, preventing the overwhelming warmth from greeting you upon opening the driver's side door. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, you might find yourself relying less on air conditioning during the warmer months, yet it's unrealistic to expect to forego its use entirely.

Myth 3:
Installing window tints will disrupt radio signals and car sensors.

Contrary to this misconception, you won't encounter any issues with radio signal interference with any of our window tint film packages at Mayes Auto Detailing! Our window tinting solutions are engineered to block UV rays, provide privacy from onlookers when parked, and reduce sunlight glare while driving. They're specifically designed not to obstruct radio waves, GPS signals, wireless connectivity essential for mobile devices, or the digital components of your vehicle, including car sensors. Rest assured, your vehicle's functionality remains uninterrupted.

Tennessee's Window Tinting Laws

Chattanooga, Tennessee's roads are filled with a diverse assortment of vehicles, each capable of reaping significant advantages from window tint film on their driver and passenger side windows. Yet, it's essential for these vehicles to conform to the Tennessee Department of Transportation's regulations to ensure they meet the state's road safety standards.

Based on the type of vehicle you own, specific regulations will dictate the window tint film package you can choose at Mayes Auto Detailing:

For All Vehicles in Tennessee - The tint darkness regulations are uniform across all vehicle types in Tennessee. For the windshield, over 70% of light must be allowed in, with any darkness permitted along the AS-1 line. Front and back side windows, as well as the rear window, must permit more than 35% of light through. Additionally, front and back side windows should not have a mirrored or metallic appearance. These standards ensure compliance with Tennessee's window tinting laws for optimal safety and visibility.

For detailed insights into these tinting laws and how they apply to your vehicle, feel free to reach out to us at TMayes Auto Detailing. You can find comprehensive information on Tennessee's window tinting regulations at Tennessee Window Tinting Laws. For personal assistance or queries, don't hesitate to contact us directly at 423-497-0881.